We’d like to introduce you to an exciting light-lamp. In one long sequence, dozens or even hundreds of light bulbs are adjacent together. In addition to covering a large area of light, the light chains also create a cozy mood. The Kette can be used all year round, they are (hoo) timed: In winter, in a beautiful Christmas light, in summer concerts, garden parties or home decoration-the possibilities are limed.
Terraces, pub bars, home-yard, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Tell us about your event or place where you would like to use the lamp and help you to make a cosy solution.
Wishing you a beautiful light experience! Your Lambiketid.ee Team

Events in the light theme


The Pirnikett is the most used for decorating events. These are the first places of the Lampsmall towns of the wedding and the American films to come to the head. Also, the happy colourful lamp is often used on children’s birthdays.

No party should pass in the dark, and if you are looking for a cozy light solution for your yard, room, peotent or forest, feel free to turn towards us!

Yard and yard changes

A lamp on the terrace Lighting up currents and other large areas is always a challenge. The floodlight is close to the very bright and far from the lighting force shrinks. In addition, the spotlight almost always reduces cosiness. The lamp works on the contrary. Wherever the chain light reaches, it is steady. However, the light is not intrusive and is pleasing to the eye. With a chain of 100m, you can cover a very large Lamp Outdoor area and thereby the lamp is one of the most practical tools to illuminate the large areas.

In the beginning of the previous century, the lights began to be used in mines and in the lighting of large forest cells. From there onwards, the area of use is becoming increasingly expanded, and now every person can rent or buy the courtyard of the yard for the duration of the party.

Decoration of buildings and objects


The lamp has for decades been a tool for decorating the facades of buildings. When the pirnikets became smaller and the LED technology came, the big pear chains were stuck in the decoration of the houses. However, every house does not fit a cold-tone Christmas light type of light chains. Especially older wooden houses or a strong, staged private house. It is also a good idea to consider specially Lamp designed and in Germany for decades of lamp.

The lamp chains we have offered are easy to maintain and repair. If the Christmas light type of a light chain breaks, it will most often be discarded. But if anything happens to our chain of pear, nest or plug, we can replace it with a maintenance procedure. Even the physical damage to the cable is solable. This makes the investment long-lasting and beautiful eye candy continues longer.

As security lighting in place of spotlights

Lamp Safety lights for many businesses and homes are halogen floodlight that lights up the motion sensor or reacts to light intensity and lights up in the sun. The halogen floodlight has a very strong luminous flux and performs its work well. Often, the light is too strong. There’s no need for that. This would be a good solution for a smartly placed lamp with slightly stronger bulbs. That way, you and the nearest neighbors will not be scared every time when the floodlight lights up but rather there is any lamp-burning yard decorating. And why not just keep the lamp lit for the night.

If the standard halogen floodlight is a power of 500w, then a 50m lamp that uses 1w LED bulb, has a capacity of 50-100w.

The lamp is also in favor of mounting comfort. If, for example, to illuminate three different points, the projectors must be transported to all streams, then the lamp needs to flow only at the beginning of the chain. In addition, chains can continue with each other up to 200m.

To illumin the perimeter of major events

In major events where the area is limited, the constant concern is the illumination of the perimeter. Unlit Gardens between the forest is a potential security risk and from there tend to sneak up on both the ticket guests and the people out on the bad side. By hanging along the railings between the trees or in the spacers to a lamp higher than CA 1.5 from the gardens, sufficient light power can be detected to detect the suspicious activity. This makes it easier for both security workers and organizers to work.