What's a light temperature?

All light sources are characterised by a light temperature measured in Kelvin degrees (K).  The lower the temperature, the more yellowish the light is and the higher it will be blue.
Source: metshein.com
  • Candle 1700K
  • 40W Glow Bulb 2500K
  • Sunset 3000K
  • Photomalogen 3200K
  • Midday Sun 5000K
  • Flash 5500K
  • Cloudy skies at noon 6500K
  • Clear day in the shade of 7500K
  • Twilight 12000K

We offer light bulbs with LED pears in three lighting temperatures:

Light temperature Comparison

How powerful bulbs can I use in a chain?

The lamp chains are designed for use with up to 40w bulbs. In this case the chain length may be not more than 50m in sequence.
However, if the use of disks with LED bulbs with a capacity of 0, 8w is allowed, the length of the sequence is 500m.

Our disks are used for 1, 5mm2 cable that suffers from 3500W. The maximum capacity of the pear nest is 40W.