1. Choose the lamp length (lengths are 25 metres). Click on "Add to order"
  2. Select the light source and quantity you'd like the next bulbs. Click on "Add to order"
    1. If you chose a lamp of 25 meters with a lamp of 1 metre, you need 25 bulbs. You can also choose one bulb and we will calculate the required amount ourselves.
  3. When you have selected parts of the desired set select "View Order" from the menu. Here you can make changes, delete parts of your order, etc.
  4. In the boxes below, write down the following information about the lamp you want to rent: Ren's time, place, etc. This provides a convenient and quick response.
  5. Click "Send" and we will contact you within three working days and send an exact offer, which will include all discounts.
    1. In most cases, we respond within one working day.
  6. At the bottom of the page, the products that are added to the order are constantly visible on the page.

Beautiful lightings!